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Choosing the Best Robes for Your Princess

Le 31 July 2013, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0



Selecting baby clothes for girls is fun indeed, but with the available variety, it can be really nerve racking. When you are shopping for your princess, then you would not only be looking style and fashion in the baby girl dresses but also how much comfortable it's wear. Indeed, you will not overwhelm your child with a dress that is heavier than your child, no matter how enticing look it gives to the guests. Choosing a baby girl dress can be still more difficult, if you are looking for a gift for your friend's kid.


What Should You Consider?
If you are looking for the tips and tricks of buying baby girl dresses, is online marketplace, it provide the baby clothes. What are the important things to consider? Here you will get to know some ideas that will help you decide for baby girl dresses for your princess.


Size Matters
For comfort, you need to exactly know the size of your baby. However, things can be tricky if you are buying a gift for someone. It is advisable to directly ask the parents before buying baby clothes for girls. You can also have some estimate if you have been closer to the kid. Also, when you are estimating, go for the bigger side rather than the smaller one. If it's loose fitted, the kid would bear it but tight clothes won't be tolerated at all and the baby simply won't wear the dress. Loose clothes will come to size as the baby grows with time, so it's always safer to go for baby girl dresses that are somewhat larger than you have estimated.


Will She Look Cute in it?
Of course, appearance is the main thing that you should consider when buying baby clothes for girls. You would always want that your child looks cute and elegant and compromising on the style won't be a good idea. Think of something that goes with your child, something that makes her look more enticing. You can get some funny print on the dress or select a light colors with accentuated shapes.


Saving Some Bucks - Wholesale Baby Clothes
The good news is that wholesale baby clothes also offer decent variety. So if you wish to save some money and you opt for wholesale China dresses, you can do this without worrying that your girl will not look charming. There are still many designs available within this range.




How to Soothe a Fussy Baby

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ust like grown ups, some babies are more sensitive than others and may become upset more easily or be more difficult to calm or soothe. A fussy baby is a challenge to a new parent who is already trying to figure out what baby wants and how to soothe and calm him. Random crying, crying that seems out of proportion with the issue, or crying that seems to last longer than it should are all signs of a fussy baby.

There is no real medical diagnosis for fussiness, unlike colic which is a different and more severe problem. You baby may outgrow his fussy ways, or it may be a sign of a personality trait that will later develop – a sensitivity that is not necessarily a bad thing. When your baby is crying, however, and you just want to figure out how to make it stop, it doesn’t much matter what the fussiness represents. Soothing your baby is a top priority.

Try the Top Three

When you hear your baby start to cry, the first things to eliminate from the list of possible solutions are the top three reasons that babies cry. The first is the most obvious – hunger. Try offering baby the breast or bottle to see if he is hungry. If he refuses, you can move on to other possibilities. The second culprit behind a crying baby is a dirty diaper. While some babies don’t seem to notice or care when they are in need of a change, fussy or sensitive babies may become very upset when their diaper is dirty. If the diaper is clean, or you have changed it and the crying hasn’t stopped, the third on the top three list is tiredness. It could be that your baby really just needs a nap, and has reached the point of over-tiredness where he really doesn’t know what to do about this feeling of fatigue, and cries. Take your baby into a quiet dark place and gently rock him, watching for signs of sleepiness. If he falls asleep, you have solved the problem.

When It’s None of the Above

If your baby is crying and you have eliminated the top three possibilities, it’s time to move on. Try some of the classic techniques for soothing a baby. Start by holding your baby and making a “shhhhh” sound close to her ear. Babies are soothed by white noise, and this sound is basically white noise you make yourself. Accompany this with rocking in a chair or in your arms as an additional soothing method.

Many fussy babies are easily over-stimulated, so when your baby becomes upset, try calming her environment. Turn down the lights, turn off anything that might be making noise such as a television or radio, and ask anyone who can to leave the room – or leave the room yourself for a quieter spot. Something simply removing sources of overstimulation can do the trick.

Motion is a wonderful trick for soothing fussy babies. Aside from rocking, try an infant swing or put baby in her car seat and go for a drive. A walk in the stroller may work equally well.

It may seem obvious, but offering a pacifier can sometimes do the trick. Babies find sucking soothing, but may not always be hungry. A pacifier can help to calm her down and may even help her fall asleep.

If you can’t soothe your baby by any method, it’s a good idea to rule out medical causes for the crying. Put in a call to your pediatrician if the crying lasts for more than three hours and nothing can soothe your baby, to make sure there isn’t another reason for the crying.

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Giving Rejected Foods Another Try

Le 29 July 2013, 08:28 dans Humeurs 0


When your baby starts to reject baby foods, it might seem like you are never going to be able to serve up a healthy and balanced baby food diet. But giving up too soon on rejected baby foods is a mistake many new moms make. If your baby refuses a food the first, or even the second and third time, it doesn’t mean it has to be off the menu forever. Trying a rejected food repeatedly will help you to provide your child with all the nutrition she needs while helping to develop a wider palate and appreciation for different tastes and textures.

How Many Times Should I Try?

It can take a baby up to ten tries to really decide if she likes a certain food. Trying only a few times and then removing it from the menu will mean she misses out on a lot of foods she might eventually really come to enjoy. It is frustrating to a parent to have a food rejected over and over again, but your persistence will be rewarded. Not every food will eventually be accepted, but a good portion of the foods that you might have crossed off your list are likely to wind up on your child’s regular menu.

Trying Again Later

If you have tried repeatedly without success, it might be a good idea to put the food aside – but don’t give up on it altogether! If you stop offering the food for a few weeks and then bring it back, you might be surprised at the results. As your child’s experience with tastes and textures grows and changes over time, she might find that a food she previously refused is suddenly more appetizing.

Early on, your baby will have an affinity for baby foods that are a little sweeter and very smooth. Some foods simply can’t be pureed to the same level of smoothness as others, and some are much more bitter than the sweet taste a baby is naturally predisposed to like. As she tries more foods and expands her taste buds a little more, those baby foods that seems too chunky or not sweet enough will come back into the running.

Never Give Up

Even if you have tried over and over again with no success, there is never a reason to take a baby foods entirely off your list unless your child has an allergic reaction to it. You might need to wait a long time between attempts, but keep the food in mind to try again even a few months down the road. When your child moves on to table foods, he will be more likely to try things he might not have enjoyed in pureed form.

This is especially true if you make a point of letting your child see you eat and enjoy the food in question. Seeing the food in it’s whole form and realizing that mommy and daddy are eating it can completely change your child’s opinion. This is a great time to reintroduce foods your child repeatedly rejected earlier. These foods might be a lot more appetizing when served on a plate as part of a big kid meal than they ever were when pureed on a spoon!

If you want your child to have the most balanced children diet possible, be sure to continue offering foods that have been rejected. The more often you try, the more likely your child will one day decide it’s not so bad after all.


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